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The National Unit for Environmental Research and Services (NUERS) is a research and services facility under the management of Kuwait University Research Sector. The unit is housed on the second floor of the A wing of Prof. Faiza Al-Khurafi building. Being a research and services unit, NUERS offers a wide-range of analytical services in the field of environmental research to both the university researchers and external clients.

Located within a hundred to three hundred metres of all departments of the Faculty of Science, NUERS is poised to serve the University’s research community effectively. As part of NUERS’ mandate, the unit actively encourages graduate students and their supervisors to avail themselves of the analytical facilities provided in NUERS for research.

The procedures adopted for analyses of samples in NUERS are according to the approved International Standard Methods (USEPA, MOOPAM, ASTM), consistent with the practices as previously carried out by the previous ISO-certified management (CEL). The unit operates with a core of experienced and competent staff. Presently, NUERS is vigorously pursuing the re-certification of the laboratory for the ISO-17025; a process that is at an advanced stage.

NUERS is mainly divided in to 5 sub-units to provide the efficient analytical services:
• Organic Extraction Lab
• Organic Analysis Lab
• Inorganic Lab
• Soil Lab
• Sample Custody

• Be a world-class laboratory by delivering high-class analytical services in environmental field

• Deliver value-added analytical services with speed and quality
• Provide excellent, superior customer service backed up with a highly experienced staff
• Foster understanding of numerous environmental regulatory programs and the complexities of current testing standards and methods